Local Community Plan

Local Neighbourhood Plan discussion meetings

The Steering Group responsible for developing your Crowmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Plan is hosting meetings at Crowmarsh Gifford School on Tuesday 13 March and North Stoke Village Hall on Thursday 15 March, both starting at 7.30 pm. The purpose of the meetings is to explain what has been achieved so far and to put the preliminary findings to you for discussion and informal consultation.

30 April 2018

Landscape Survey Impact Assessment-min



Environment Heritage Evidence-2




9 March 2018

Revised Policies

1 February 2018

Site Assessment in Crowmarsh Gifford

25 January 2018

Landscape Survey Impact Assessment Report

18 January 2018

Housing Needs Assessment Report

4 November 2017

LNP Survey September 2017 Report


Saturday 23rd September (10am-4pm): Neighbourhood plan exhibition
at Crowmarsh Gifford Village Hall. Please come and learn about the Neighbourhood Plan process and share your ideas.

Saturday 30th September (10am- 4pm: Neighbourhood plan exhibition
at North Stoke Village Hall. Please come and learn about the Neighbourhood Plan process and share your ideas.


31 August 2017

Environment and Heritage Evidence report is now available.

09 July 2017
Local Community Plan Baseline Report is now available.

The Baseline Report identifies the key social, environmental and economic characteristics of Crowmarsh Parish. It provides a shared resource and reference point for all parties contributing to the Neighbourhood Planning Process. It is nevertheless a live and evolving report.

15 April 2017
At the April Parish Council meeting it was decided that the Parish will work towards making a Local Neighbourhood Plan. There are various aspects of the plan including:

  • Sustainable Community,
  • Housing,
  • Environment,
  • Industry and Jobs,
  • Resources, including schools and medical care
  • Transport, including air quality in Wallingford.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch:

Sue Rance (Parish Council Clerk): [email protected]
or Nick Robins: [email protected]

First draft: Possible list of Crowmarsh Parish Policy Statements for our LCP

3 thoughts on “Local Community Plan”

  1. I would just like to point out that recent planning applications and aprovals may well be in breach of the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986, around Crowmarsh; the land designated Newnham Manor Farm and 100 metres of its boundaries may well be designated a protected area under the terms of the act. Any interference within the protected area may well breach the terms of the act and lead to prossecution. The MoD along with John Howell MP have been informed.
    It is up to those who intend to disturb a site to ensure that they are not in breach of the act; ignorance in the eyes of the law is no defence.
    Due to the nature of the site any interference within the area would also need the Health and Safety Executive to take action.

  2. i request for the apparently now ready Crowmarsh Neighbourhood Plan to be delivered to all residents of Crowmarsh Gifford for consideration. Some of the residents are totally unaware of it. We live in a democratic society and as we were told by SODC recently ,the plan has to be put to a referendum before it is sent to the Inspectorate. We have also noticed some misinformation re. CRO7 site,which has AONB and heritage constraints. The crossing and road layout of A4074 Port Way together with Cox’s Lane is not yet sorted out as suggested in the Plan.

    All residents in the Parish ,especially those who haven’t got access to Internet, have a right to receive a copy of the proposed neighbourhood plan.

    Please send copies of the plan to all residents promptly.

    1. Hi A.Durbidge
      Thanks for your comment. As we, the website, are not directly affiliated with the council, I would advise you to contact the email addresses listed at the bottom of this post directly.

      Best wishes,

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