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Survey results

Between 5th November 2020 and 31st December 2020 residents of Crowmarsh Gifford, Mongewell and North Stoke submitted their views of what should be done with the previous SODC site. 183 responses were received in total. 

Click below to see a summary of the results. 


New children’s play area

Our new children’s play area and outdoor gym is now complete! To see photos of the opening, click here.

New Playground project archive: 

Play Area Action Group pictured below, missing Denise Hall and Edwina Johnson.

Play Area Meeting 20 April 17 minutes


The responses for the below survey have now been collated and can be found here: Results from community playground consultation. Thank you for your support.


Do you support the building of a new children’s play area and outdoor gym in Crowmarsh?

The old children’s play area in the Crowmarsh Recreation Ground is over 20 years old and in need of removal or replacement. We can apply for grants from various funding bodies if we can demonstrate community support. Would you like to see it replaced with new equipment such as jungle climber, swings, roundabouts, riders on springs and slides? Our plan would include an outdoor gym (training aids) and facilities suitable for disabled children.

If you support this initiative, please add your name to the comment sheet either at The Village Shop, The Primary School or online here: EVERY NAME COUNTS! Only if we have people’s support can we apply for funding to pay for it. If you’d like to help us with any aspect of applying for funding please get in touch with Andrew ([email protected]).

Residents’ survey on future new housing in Crowmarsh

This survey is now closed. Thank you to all who took the time to complete it. The results can be found here: Residents survey results

Nature Area report

In November 2012 Crowmarsh Parish Council commissioned a survey to provide advice about the ecological condition and potential management of the Nature Area, and the area of undeveloped rough grass and trees, to the west of the playing fields of Crowmarsh Recreation Ground. The report includes a summary of the survey results and management suggestions to maintain and improve the ecological quality of the site. Click here to view the full report.

Following this report the Parish Council is now planning the management strategy for the Nature Area. More details to follow soon.


Financial audit

Click here to view the notice of financial audit.

Councillors’ registers of interest

Parish councillors in South Oxfordshire are required to register their interests in accordance with their code of conduct. These interests include amongst other things the name of their employer, details of any land or property owned in the district, contracts and interests in companies. Click here to go to SODC website to view Crowmarsh Parish Councillor’s declarations of interests.

Solar-powered Crowmarsh!

Crowmarsh Parish Council has taken a small step towards sustainability with the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Recreation Ground sports Pavilion. The 22 panels generate electricity (up to 3,850 Watts) from sunlight. This will reduce the annual electricity bill at the Pavilion. In addition, the Government has sponsored a scheme whereby 41.3p is paid for every kWh generated, with an extra 3p given for every unit (kWh) exported to the national grid. So as long as the sun keeps shining our installation should pay for itself within 9 years.

Three bids were received and the Parish Council decided the PHOTON Company offered the best value. The Sharp solar panels used are manufactured in the UK. In our case, as the Pavilion is not a dwelling, full planning permission had to be obtained. Everything finally came to fruition in December, just before the snow made its presence felt. Users of the Pavilion can now view a monitor which shows the current and total electricity generation from the sun in real time. We look forward to publishing the first year’s figures in the Crowmarsh News at the end of 2011.

Several householders locally have installed similar (smaller) panels and are also benefitting from lower bills and feed-in payments.

For more details of the installation please talk to Andrew Johnson.

Solar_Indoor_monitor Solar_Outdoor_portrait

Crowmarsh Parish Appraisal

A Crowmarsh Parish action plan has been created out of the results of the 2001 appraisal and feedback from the Appraisal Exhibition in 2004. The three year long process started in 2001 when a comprehensive questionnaire was created and distributed to every household in the Crowmarsh Parish. The purpose of the survey was to obtain peoples views on such things as recreation, transport and environment.

The action plan and full results of the survay can be found on the Crowmarsh Parish Appraisal website:


Parish Clerk: Sue Rance. Tel 01491 839170. Email [email protected]