CONSULTATION – Crowmarsh Gifford & North Stoke proposed 20mph Speed Limits

Oxfordshire County Council wants to make our built environments safer and more attractive places to walk and cycle. To enable this, 20mph speed restrictions are being used to help promote alternative modes of transport for local travel. Further details on how the council is considering making 20mph the new 30mph for Oxfordshire communities can be found here.

We’re therefore asking for your views on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit throughoutCrowmarsh Gifford, including North Stoke (excluding the A4074), replacing the majority of the existing 30mph speed limits in the process. A buffer 30mph speed limit will remain on the B4009 Wallingford Road to the north of North Stoke, with Officers having taken the current road environment & traffic usage into account. The proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised by the parish, and form part of a countywide programme of works that seeks to deliver ‘a safer place with a safer pace’ for the residents of Oxfordshire. In light of this, please find the following consultation documents attached:

  • Public Notice,
  • Statement of Reasons,
  • Consultation Plan(s), and
  • Draft Traffic Regulation Order.

The proposed Traffic Regulation Order is scheduled to be advertised in the Oxford Times newspaper tomorrow; Thursday 01st June 2023, and details are also available to view on the Councils consultation portal at the address below:

As stated on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 23rd June 2023.

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Oxfordshire County Council