Parish Council 2020 Meeting dates

Thursday, February 6th
Crowmarsh Gifford V. H.

Thursday, March 5th
Crowmarsh Gifford V. H.

Thursday, April 2nd
Crowmarsh Gifford V.H.

Thursday, May 7th
North Stoke V.H.

Thursday, June 4th
Crowmarsh Gifford V.H.

Thursday, July 2nd
North Stoke V.H.

Thursday, August 6th
Crowmarsh Gifford V.H.

Thursday, September 3rd
Crowmarsh Gifford V. H.

Thursday, October 1st
North Stoke V. H.

Thursday, November 5th
Crowmarsh Gifford V. H.

Thursday, December 10th
North Stoke V.H.

All meetings start at 7.30pm

Date of Annual Parish Council Meeting to be agreed

Please note meeting dates are correct at time of publishing, but may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Consultation on Parish Council Strategic Priorities

Three years ago the Parish Council carried out a residents’ survey focusing on housing and intrastructure facilities. We have achieved some of the things you asked for, including a new playground, outdoor gym and basketball half-court, three traffic speed indicators and defibrillators at key locations.
The major projects we still have on our strategic priorities list (the examples below are in no particular order) include some that depend on other authorities such as the County Council, some that will be funded or provided by housing developments, and some that the Parish Council will lead on.
Please tell us your top priorities in this list and add any other community facilities or improvements you want to see in the parish, by completing the survey here:

Thank you.

Playground opening

Thanks to all who attended to the Grand opening of the new playground and outdoor gym equipment. It was a lovely afternoon to celebrate our new facilities at the Recreation Ground.

Some photo highlights are below. More photos of the big event (taken by Eibe the playground manufacture) can be found here:

”I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful park in Crowmarsh! I have 3 children, 1 is severely disabled and in a wheelchair. Until now there is hasn’t been anywhere locally that i can take them all to play together. Now, with the roundabout, sensory boards, sunken trampoline and accessible picnic benches they can all have fun together! 

Great job, thank you! I hope other parks take notes from what you have achieved!”

Nikki Kelly, local resident