Crowmarsh Playground and Outdoor Gym reopening

Crowmarsh Playground and Outdoor Gym will reopen on Wednesday 22 July at 10am, after the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Before use, please read and follow the guidance on signs posted. Opening has involved checking that the equipment is in good order, putting up signs to make sure everyone takes responsibility to use the equipment safely and the fitting of sanitizers to help encourage good and frequent hand cleaning.
Please note that by using the play area or outdoor gym you will be accepting that it is not risk-free with regards to the Covid-19 virus.
We are unable to monitor or clean the play areas on a frequent basis and are, therefore, asking parents and carers to take responsibility.
This means:

  • don’t use play equipment or gym if you or if anyone in your household or support bubble has coronavirus or is showing symptoms
  • those with health vulnerabilities should avoid using these confined, busy spaces at this time
  • hands should be washed/sanitised before, after and during using the
  • equipment and you may wish to wipe it down before and after use.
  • supervise children closely at all times to maintain social distancing – we recommend at least two metres
  • parents and carers must also maintain social distancing in these confined spaces
  • to help reduce numbers, only 1 family member may accompany a child
  • the play area may be in high demand, so please be patient. Don’t enter the play enclosure if so busy that social distancing will not be possible.

If you are using any green spaces or gym please adhere to the guidelines on social distancing, maintaining a distance of 2 metres (6ft), alone or with members of your household and wash/sanitise your hands before, after and during usage of the equipment.

To report any problems or issues please contact Crowmarsh Parish Council at [email protected]
To report anti-social behaviour – call 101
Last updated 22nd July 2020.