Riverside Pool and Splashpark 2024 Season – talk to councillors on 23rd March, 10-12

We invite you to share your views on how the wonderful Riverside Pool and Splashpark’s operation could be changed for the better in the 2024 season and beyond.  We’ll be at St Mary’s Church café from 10am – 12pm on Saturday 23rd March.  SODC and Wallingford Town Councils will be there to listen, ask questions and discuss. We imagine there may then be further conversations in the coming months.  You want to get involved practically too – to help new ideas happen – when the time comes. And to be clear; SODC has a contract with Better to operate the facility until 2026 which may mean that some suggestions may not be possible, ever, or at least until then. And, in the spirit of sharing creative ideas and having the discussion, we invite you to come along and talk about this great community asset.

James Barlow