Late news from OCC: Limited reopening of Oxfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres announced

The county’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will reopen on Monday 18th May. 
The reopening applies to all Oxfordshire HWRCs: Alkerton, Ardley, Dix Pit, Drayton, Oakley Wood, Redbridge and Stanford in the Vale.
The seven sites will operate with reduced opening hours. They will open at 8am and close at 4pm. The sites will be open seven days a week as long as they are not overwhelmed and can operate safely.
The number of vehicles allowed onto the site will be reduced by approximately 50% to allow for social distancing. This means that queues are highly likely, especially at peak times such as weekends.
Residents are therefore being urged only to visit the site if their trip is essential and they cannot safely store their waste at home.

Full details:

VE Day – Oxfordshire to Mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe

Oxfordshire County Council is to mark the historical milestone of Victory in Europe Day on 8th May with a series of video tributes from key people across the county. 

Despite the restrictions of the lockdown, this remains an important moment for the nation and the tributes will begin with a video message online from Oxfordshire’s Lord Lieutenant Tim Stevenson at 2.50pm.

On 8th May 1945, Britain and its allies celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of Hitler’s aggression. This formally recognised the end of the Second World War in Europe and became known as Victory in Europe (VE) Day. 

Plans to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic with events either cancelled or postponed. 

However, 8th May 2020 remains a Bank Holiday and many will participate in a planned national toast to the Heroes of World War Two at 3pm from the safety of our own homes. 

Take part by raising a glass, cheering and clapping on your doorsteps and offer your tribute; The official toast is: “To those who gave so much, we thank you.” 

Other parts of Oxfordshire are also celebrating. In Oxford, The Lord Mayor Councillor Craig Simmons will start the VE Day celebrations at 11am for the nation’s two-minute silence from his doorstep. At 3pm he will raise a toast to the nation. 

Cllr Andrew McHugh as the military champion for Cherwell District Council has recorded a message to celebrate VE Day which will feature on our Facebook page.

South Oxfordshire and Vale of the White Horse district councils are running a campaign to encourage staff, councillors and residents to get creative: making red, white and/or blue cakes, buns or muffins, dress their houses/pets/selves up to celebrate the end of the conflict – and to get residents to join in the government’s garden party, and submit to us their photos on social media, which will be shared in a big photo montage. Make your submissions to: [email protected] 

Witney Town Council also has a series of virtual events including a concert by Voicebox Choir who were due to have performed live in Witney Market Square. Further information here:

Schedule: VE Day 75 8th May 2020 

11am – 2 minutes silence for a national moment of remembrance
 11.15am – Join the Royal British Legion VE Day Livestream 
2.50pm – Watch Oxfordshire’s Lord Lieutenant’s message on our Facebook page: 
6.00pm: Christchurch Cathedral Oxford: listen to a VE Day Evensong from this historic place of worship: 
9pm – Her Majesty The Queen will send a message to the nation on BBC One, at 9pm, the same time her father, King George VI, gave a radio address in 1945.  

Followed by a national singalong of Dame Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again.Open your doors and join in with this national moment of celebration. 9-10th May: Oxfordshire County Council continues VE Day 75: 

Keep following the 75th anniversary as our Facebook page features video messages from Oxfordshire’s council leaders as well as contributions from active duty personnel in the Royal Air Force and Army across Oxfordshire. The videos will be uploaded across both days and can be watched at: 

We will also be presenting a range of photos on our Oxfordshire County Council Twitter account that residents have submitted to us of locations across Oxfordshire that played a part in World War Two. Follow us @OxfordshireCC 

Stay Safe, Stay at Home: Please do not to travel or hold any gatherings that go against the stay home rules. Everyone must stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.  The best way for everyone to protect themselves and others from illness is to stay at home. If you are leaving your home for exercise once a day, please stay local and use open spaces near to your home. 

Further resources: 
Poster/bunting template Great British bunting template – BBC
Learning resources Imperial War Museum – What you need to know about VE DayRoyal British Legion – VE Day Learning ResourcesBBC History – End of WW2VE Day 75 Resources

Support from the District and County Councils

A new Community Support team has been established at SODC as part of the county-wide redeployment of staff to ensure support for the district’s most vulnerable residents, while also maintaining normal services as much as possible during the current emergency as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This new team is collating information about the large number of newly established support groups to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage and we don’t duplicate effort. 

Each district councillor has an advance of £2000 from their annual grant allowance to support these groups if necessary. Anyone needing funding for expenses should email Andrea Powell or Sue Cooper.

Oxfordshire help lines have been established as a first point of contact for anyone in need of help. There are TWO separate lines. Anyone identified as in the extremely vulnerable “shielded” category should call 01865 897820 or email [email protected]. Anyone else self-isolating and in need of support can check to find a volunteer group nearby at or you can call 01235 422600 or email [email protected]. These support lines are open 8.30am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sundays.

The SODC coronavirus information page is updated daily and remains the best first port of call for information on local services:

Oxfordshire County Council recycling centres are closed. 

The SODC Food and Safety team is responsible for enforcing business closures and using their Twitter account to spread the word so businesses aren’t tempted to open up against the government’s Stay at Home rules.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Oxfordshire County Council: Caring in a Crisis: Shielding the Vulnerable in Oxfordshire – where to get help and support…..

On 23 March 2020 the Government announced: if you’re clinically extremely vulnerable, you’re strongly advised to stay at home, to protect your health and shield from the coronavirus. This includes organ transplant recipients, people living with cancer (or waiting for treatment) and people with severe respiratory conditions among others.

The aim of shielding is to strictly avoid any face-to-face contact with others, avoid someone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms and group gatherings for 12 weeks. More than 20,702 vulnerable people in Oxfordshire received a letter generated by GP surgeries, NHS records and health sources to identify them as high risk, advising them to stay home until 30 June.

From Monday 01 June 2020, vulnerable people will be allowed to go out with members of their household while maintaining social distancing. Those living alone can meet with someone from another household while maintaining social distancing. 

The county council, in partnership with district councils, the NHS, the voluntary sector and friends, neighbours and family in every community are collaboratively working hard to support those who registered as shielded. This begun for the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) customer service team in March 2020.

Calls from the Customer Service team

When the pandemic begun it was clear our residents would require support with immediate needs including social care, safety concerns, urgent food requests and help with collecting medication. A shielded phone line was created so inbound calls could be received by the Social and Health Care Customer Service team to answer questions from callers. The team receive between 50 and a 100 calls a day with over 11,000 pro-active outbound calls having been made, to date.

 Myra Evans is the Operations Manager for the Customer Service Centre:the shielded phone line is a clear route into the council for those identifying as ‘shielded’ and it allows vulnerable people to have their enquiry dealt with quickly. Helping people who identify as shielded has given the team a sense of doing something worthwhile that will make a positive difference in these unusual times.’

Welfare calls are arranged with our most vulnerable residents to make sure people are safe and well and have everything they need. The inbound and outbound pro-active calls to people on the shielded list are made by a group of 15-20 Customer Service Advisers (CSAs) in the Customer Service Centre (CSC), supported by a group of trained library colleagues.

In some circumstances the team will seek support from other teams including hospitals, GPs, adult and children’s social care teams to ensure we contact everyone on the shielded list. This ensures the most vulnerable people in our county have any urgent needs identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Here are some examples of how the shielded phone line and welfare calls make a difference:

  • A customer service team member called a shielded resident who was identified as needing support. The only information we had was that this family had four young children, were under pressure and struggling to cope. We asked how they were coping and what they needed. Within 24 hours the resident had called us back to say they had received a parcel with food, sanitary items and everything else they needed and more. They were extremely grateful.
  • A lady we contacted was extremely grateful for the welfare call. She didn’t need anything at the time but couldn’t thank our officer enough for checking on her. She was so impressed by the amount of support that had become available and she took the Shielding phone number in case she needed anything in the future.
  • A lady was called, and she explained her fire alarms were not working and there was a risk as she is on oxygen. We immediately arranged for someone to call her back from our Social and Health Care Team to discuss this need and arranged a visit from our Fire and Rescue Service while observing social distancing.

Cllr Ian Corkin is the Cabinet Member for Council Business & Partnerships said: “As the impact of the pandemic became urgent, we were able to create this phone line to step up and respond to the needs of our residents. We are reassured people are safe because we are contacting them regularly. The council is working as a broker to support people with help from the City and District councils and we have a huge army of volunteers to help individuals in villages and towns. It’s been an incredible operation and effort and I would like to thank everyone involved!”

An army of kind volunteers

The local voluntary and community sector is a simple point of contact for those who have different and important needs to ensure they are not isolated. Voluntary group Oxfordshire All In (OAI) has a team of 45 active members who are part-time volunteers (some are on secondment from other charities). The network of volunteers has a remit of assisting 500 volunteer-based Community Support Groups (CSGs) across the county with information and resources. This ranges from the large towns where groups can have 1000s of volunteers to small street-based neighbourhood groups, of three or four people.

Meanwhile, Oxford Hub staff are working in collaboration with Oxford City Council and OCC to deliver Oxford Together, their volunteer programme that provides support to people in Oxford City. With 5500+ volunteer sign-ups, Oxford Together volunteers provide support in a practical or social way.

Lizzie Shelmerdine is the Programmes Manager at Oxford Hub: Our volunteers are so enthusiastic when we contact them with referrals – they’re always raring to go, to work out how we can provide the support needed, which is wonderful. We’ve delivered baby formula for new mums, lettuce for a man and his tortoise, collected books for a man who was missing his regular trips to the library, and have delivered thermometers for key workers who are monitoring their symptoms. We’ve had some lovely conversations with local people, and many people are so grateful for the support we’re providing.”

Where to get support:

  • The dedicated shielded phone line is available to anyone who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable and is worried and needs support. The team will be able to offer advice on a range of issues when you contact them on 01865 89 78 20 or email shi[email protected]. Effective from Saturday (30th May) the opening hours will be 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
  • If you live in Oxford City, you can also phone 01865 24 98 11 between 8am and 5pm or visit
  • For those residents who are not in a high-risk category but still in need of local community and voluntary support, there are several initiatives taking place across the county. Visit Oxfordshire All In or Oxford Together for more information on community support near you.

Oxfordshire County Council

Footpaths and bridleways

Some useful advice from OCC on using footpaths and bridleways safely during the coronavirus emergency: AccessToPublicWaysCoronavirus

Local coronavirus advice 

Latest advice and local information from SODC (updated daily) including: local support lines, council tax, waste collections, advice for businesses and job seekers, COVID-19 scams, leisure and community centres, planning and building control:

Coronavirus advice

Specific advice for a range of settings including travel advice, advice on educational settings, guidance for employers, employees, self-employed people, those in health and care sector is also available at the following link. This is updated as appropriate:

NRS HealthCare Hand it Back Request

Due to COVID-19, NRS HealthCare is asking people to return health care equipment they no longer need:

Crowmarsh Playground and Outdoor Gym update

March 26, 2020: In line with Government guidance, Crowmarsh Playground and Outdoor gym will be closed until further notice.

Coronavirus and Crowmarsh Playground and Gym

March 22, 2020

Residents will be aware of the Government advice to maintain social distancing, which means maintaining a minimum of 2 metres apart from other people. This is very important to slow the spread of the coronavirus and allow the NHS to manage it.
We are waiting for further guidance on what that means for our play area and for advice from South and Vale District Councils who run over 40 playground areas. At the moment we are keeping the external toilets open for people to wash their hands. We encourage everyone to wash hands thoroughly before and after using the play area and gym and more often if there longer.
The play area may have to be closed and we will keep you informed via this website and notices on Facebook.
Crowmarsh Parish Council

Slowing the spread of Coronavirus

March 22, 2020

It is extremely important to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. Don’t go out unless you really have to, avoid crowds and stay 2m away from other people:

Coronavirus: social isolation tips

March 22, 2020

Good tips during social isolation:

Coronavirus Support – Facebook Group

March 22, 2020

Help is available in the Crowmarsh community if you are isolating at home and need support, shopping, someone to talk to:

Learnyay – Free Adult Education & Training Courses

Learnyay helps adults find free education courses and training. By connecting them with ESFA and local authority funded colleges, schools and training providers in their area. With many people furloughed and self-isolating, we feel it’s more important than ever to raise awareness about free education courses and training. Find out more here:
Mary Williams, Learnyay

Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 14 Consultation 26 June to 21 August 2020

The Crowmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now subject to a formal eight week consultation period. You are invited to review the documents available on this page and submit comments by email to the Parish Clerk at [email protected] . Alternatively, you can post comments through the letter box at the Crowmarsh Pavilion in the Rec. The Parish Council is particularly keen to hear comments that will strengthen the Plan but would also like to receive comments on the suitability of the Plan with regard to your own vision for the Parish over the next 15 years.

Public question and answer sessions will be held in August in the grounds of the two village halls – dates and times to be announced.

Paper copies of the Plan are available from the Crowmarsh Village Shop and in North Stoke from Cllr Stuart Soames. Please help distribute these to households that you know that may not have access to the internet.

The Parish Council and the Plan Steering Group look forward to your responses to this invitation which must be submitted by 21 August. Please note that all responses will be catalogued and may be published in the Consultation Statement, see Privacy Statement below. The Consultation Statement will also provide details of consequent changes to the Plan and draft SEA report as the outcome of the Consultation process.

Crowmarsh Parish Council is pleased to be able to publish the Pre-submission version of the Crowmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2035, ready for consultation. The Plan, the supporting evidence reports – Appendices 1 through 5 of the Plan, the draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (Appendix 6c, supported by 6b and 6a) and the posters intended for public meetings are available here to download as pdf files.

We had intended to commence the Statutory Regulation 14 Consultation process at the end of March. However, we have been advised by the Local Planning Authority to postpone doing this in order to ensure that those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) are given a fair opportunity to engage in the process, and also to allow hard copy material to be made available to those without access to the internet.

If you wish to submit comments on the Plan In the meantime, please send them by email to the Parish Clerk at [email protected] Your comments will be held over until such time as the Regulation 14 Consultation has taken place. We are particularly interested in suggestions that will strengthen the Plan.

1 Baseline Report

2_Environment Heritage Evidence

3 Housing Needs Assessment

4 Landscape Survey Impact Assessment

5_Employment Use Site Assessment

6a SEA Screening Statement

6b SEA Scoping Report

6c Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment

Crowmarsh NP Consultation Boards

Presubmission Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Notice


Local Neighbourhood Plan discussion meetings

The Steering Group responsible for developing your Crowmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Plan is hosting meetings at Crowmarsh Gifford School on Tuesday 13 March and North Stoke Village Hall on Thursday 15 March, both starting at 7.30 pm. The purpose of the meetings is to explain what has been achieved so far and to put the preliminary findings to you for discussion and informal consultation.

30 April 2018

Landscape Survey Impact Assessment-min



Environment Heritage Evidence-2




9 March 2018

Revised Policies

1 February 2018

Site Assessment in Crowmarsh Gifford

25 January 2018

Landscape Survey Impact Assessment Report

18 January 2018

Housing Needs Assessment Report

4 November 2017

LNP Survey September 2017 Report


Saturday 23rd September (10am-4pm): Neighbourhood plan exhibition
at Crowmarsh Gifford Village Hall. Please come and learn about the Neighbourhood Plan process and share your ideas.

Saturday 30th September (10am- 4pm: Neighbourhood plan exhibition
at North Stoke Village Hall. Please come and learn about the Neighbourhood Plan process and share your ideas.

31 August 2017

Environment and Heritage Evidence report is now available.

09 July 2017
Local Community Plan Baseline Report is now available.

The Baseline Report identifies the key social, environmental and economic characteristics of Crowmarsh Parish. It provides a shared resource and reference point for all parties contributing to the Neighbourhood Planning Process. It is nevertheless a live and evolving report.

15 April 2017
At the April Parish Council meeting it was decided that the Parish will work towards making a Local Neighbourhood Plan. There are various aspects of the plan including:

  • Sustainable Community,
  • Housing,
  • Environment,
  • Industry and Jobs,
  • Resources, including schools and medical care
  • Transport, including air quality in Wallingford.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch:

Sue Rance (Parish Council Clerk): [email protected]
or Nick Robins: [email protected]

First draft: Possible list of Crowmarsh Parish Policy Statements for our LCP

Litter blitz, Saturday 14th March

Crowmarsh parish councillors and residents will be joining with Wallingford’s 1155 charity on 14th March, ahead of the nationwide Great British Spring Clean, to clear our streets, roads, paths and hedgerows of litter to make the village look clean and tidy.  

Please join in this community activity if you can. Look out for final details on posters, but volunteers are asked to meet at the end of Thames Mead at 10 am. Equipment will be provided but please wear robust footwear and warm clothes. Accompanied children welcome.